Taylor Swift Announces New Record After Being Scared By Seemingly Possessed Piano During Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s piano attempted to steal the spotlight at her recent Foxborough, Massachusets, Eras Tour show.

In a video, the “Midnights” singer is seen sitting down at her piano on stage when keys begin to play on their own. 

“I didn’t play that, so that means that … ” Swift said, before being interrupted by the seemingly possessed piano. The piano continued to play several notes, which prompted Taylor to throw her hands over her mouth in shock. 

“Do you hear that?” she asked crowd of fans. “Is that happening for you too?”

The musician explained that, due to the heavy rain during her three-night, sold-out appearance in Massachusets, some of her instruments had been damaged.

“This has clearly broken my keyboard,” Taylor explained, adding, “because it was literally underwater. I didn’t know how any of the instruments were working last night. So this is broken. I’m just going to get the guitar, it’s going to be fine.”

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