Soundcity List: Aslay and Nandy still the most viewed Tanzanian artistes on YouTube after Diamond Platnumz

When you talk about Tanzanian music scene, it is deemed as crazy to leave out big names like Diamond Platnumz and the entire WCB Wasafi crew.

You can also not ignore the fact that there are other hardworking and talented singers and rappers from this country that are also grinding all day and night to ensure their light shine as bright as their counterparts.

Soundcity brings you a list of the most viewed Tanzanian music videos this month and below are the top ten (10) music videos you should see if you haven’t:

Aslay – Totoa

Soon after the breakup of Tanzania’s boy band; Yamoto Band which he was a big part of, Aslay Isiaka famously known as Aslay went on a solo expedition with his music.

He is steadily rising up as a brand to watch out and associate with which is evidently seen on all his hits ever since he started as a solo artist.

His latest release ‘Totoa’ which talks about how his wife gave birth to their son Mozaay Isiaka is already up with more than one million views since its release.

Willy Paul – Njiwa Feat. Nandy

Fresh from winning an award as the best female artist in East Africa at the Afrima Awards 2017 and Nandy is not yet showing signs of stopping at anything soon.

Willy Paul on the other hand is currently riding high on corporate endorsement deals that have seen him be able to release high end and very classical music videos despite the fact that he is facing stiff competition from his gospel counterpart Bahati also from Kenya.

Nandy and Willy Paul teamed on this love ballad that has left many wondering if he is still part of the gospel industry or he has since shifted gears to the secular side.

Barakah the Prince – Sina Feat. Madee

Immediately after falling out with his previous record label; Rockstar Music the African prince from Tanzania launched his own record label ‘Bana Music’ that has since been doing quite well with a number of releases under its belt including ‘Sina’ featuring rapper Madee.

Tracing his paternal roots to Kenya, the lad has always been able to sing in Swahili and Luo as noted in his previous record sometimes that reportedly got into online malicious attack by unknown hackers forcing the singer to open a new YouTube channel.

He is steadily rising as Africa’s most prolific vocalist from Tanzania making it big in the United Kingdom and The United States of America after this song topped charts in both regions.

Diamond Platnumz – Time to Party Feat. Flavour

Time to party music video literally and intellectually belongs to Mr. Flavour from Nigeria but we cannot ignore for a fact that the record has been trending in Tanzania and East Africa as a whole since its release.

It is not the first record that the two stars are working on together because they had previously worked on another banger, ‘Oh Nana’ that did very much well in Africa.

Fid Q ft. Rosa Ree – Ole Chizza

Legendary rapper Fid Q has always made sure to educate, inform and entertain his audience at once in every single piece of art that he pulls out.

When justice for all is equally distributed Fid Q and the female rap goddess, Rosa Ree have generated too much energy on this banger that is always trending at number 2 in Tanzania and at number 4 in Kenya and South Africa where Rosa Ree has quite a large fanbase.

Rosa Ree recently got signed to a South African label that has seen her work on tracks with artists like eMtee and Ricky Rick.

Joh Makini feat. Ben Pol – Simwachii Mungu

Talking about Tanzanian rap scene and leaving out Joh Makini and his Weusi team consisting of Gnako Warawara and Nikki Wa Pili is so surreal that anyone who tries to ignore it becomes an outcast lol.

Ben Pol on the other hand is always referred to as Mr. Too Much sauce and juice in one meal as indisputably seen in his previous works with top notch musicians including Mr. Eazi, Baraka Da Prince and now Joh Makini.

The Destro directed music video is simply but creatively and perfectly scripted with each of the two musicians showing their lyrical prowess in a S2kizzy produced track very smoothly and swiftly.

Mbosso – Nipepee

Famously known as Mbossokhan or Mbosh dede was also part of the now non-existing boy band, Yamoto Band that consisted of Aslay, Enock Bello, Mbosso and Beka Flavour.

He has since signed with Tanzania’s biggest record label, WCB Wasafi under the management of super star Diamond Platnumz and Romy Jons as the Vice President.

WCB Wasafi seems to have been a very big part of his success story being for a record that all his current releases have been hits from Watakubali, Alele, Nadekezwa, Picha Yako and now Nipepee being among the most viewed YouTube videos in Tanzania.

Lava Lava – Gundu

Also a member of WCB Wasafi record label, Lava Lava has not been doing quite well as the other artists who are signed to the label have been doing but he recently managed to release a music video that got to the top trending YouTube videos in Tanzania and that is a fact we cannot ignore to highlight.

Gundu is not just a hit but a timeless classical hit that is here to stay with us for years.

Nay Wa Mitego – Mwaka Wa Roho Mbaya

Tanzania has seen very many entertainment related scandals that left them in shock and Nay Wa Mitego will always be the first name for you hear when such scandals happen and I guess he should wear the hat of Tanzania’s most controversial artist.

With almost all his songs banned from TV and radio in Tanzania by the music and film union of Tanzania, he comes out with this tune to address the issue of his songs being locked out and he is not doing it in a soft way as expected.

He is hitting the nail on the head saying he is even going to be more vulgar this year more than any year hence the title mwaka wa roho mbaya which translates to a year of sour hearts

Gib Carter – IBE feat. Bright

After a successful release of his single titled ‘Swala’ that was produced by Mr. T Touch and accompnaying video, Gib Carter is now backing with a new song ‘Ibe’. iT features Tanzania’s superstar bright of ‘Toto Tundu’ fame.

New single is produced by Wanted with visual shot by Lucca Swahili for TopClass Entertainment.

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