Ruger To Get Tattoo In Honor Of Kenyan Fans After Electric Show In Meru

Nigerian singer will honor Kenyan fans with a tattoo on his gut for turning out in droves for his show in Meru over the weekend.

The singer, who performed in a sold-out arena of more than 10,000 fans, said that the performance was more than electric and actually one of the best in his career yet.

In return, he is set to get a tattoo as a reminder once he gets to London.

“You know what I’m gonna do, when I get back to London, I’m putting Kenya tattoo here(pointing at his gut) I promise you that, I promise you that, I promise all of you that because I love guys so [expletive] much,” he said.

The Afrobeat artist was in Kenya for the “Walker Town concert” courtesy of Johny Walker.

The singer pocketed $30,000 (Sh3.6 million) for the 38-minute performance, something a lot of Kenyans were against compared to what the average local artists were paid.

Kenyan artists who performed included Sol Generation duo Bensoul and Nviiri The Story Teller, rapper Femi One and a host of local deejays.  

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