Play Kenyan Music: Eric Omondi Goes On Hunger Strike Outside Parliament

Comedian Eric Omondi has taken his fight to increase Kenyan music on local media right outside Parliament building in Nairobi.

Eric Omondi

Omondi caused a scene in town mid-morning on Tuesday, Feb 9 after launching his protest demanding parliamentarians to pass the amendment bill seeking the increase of local content in Kenya to 75%.

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The controversial comedian has relaunched his protest by locking himself in a transparent cube outside the building.

He has vowed not to leave until the bill has been passed.

“I will remain here until they start the debate,” he said.

“This is a hunger strike. Tomorrow you will find me here. I’m not going anywhere until the MPs start this conversation.”

It’s not the first time Omondi has brought chaos outside the parliament building.

In November 2021 the comedian was arrested after leading a protest demanding the same.

Omondi attempted storming the building during his campaign leading to a commotion his arrest.

Eric Omondi outside Parliament Building

Omondi has gotten little support from the artists he has religiously been fighting for the past six months.

“Ready to make history!!! 5 Days to go!!! We are storming the parliament on Tuesday at 10 am.

“If you are a Kenyan musician or aspiring musician let’s meet in LARGE NUMBERS at PARLIAMENT Building at 10 am NEXT TUESDAY. WE MUST FIX IT!!! We won’t BE ASKING FOR MUCH,” he said.

Watch him below:

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