Nyashinski’s Shin City Concert To Be Biggest Career Move Yet

Rapper Nyashinski believes his April 16th gig dubbed Shin City will be his biggest career move so far.


The rapper spoke with Word Is during the rehearsal at Ngong Racecourse saying he believes fans will be fully entertained by the show that will include music and storytelling production.

“It is the biggest project I have ever done in my music career,” he said. 

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“It is a production-led experience. I want us to think of it as more than just a gig. It is many different elements coming together to make it happen. Shin City is part of the show itself, and the experience on the ground.”

Nyashinski further said that he has put everything into the show so that his fans can get value for their money.

It’s also a statement to other artists that with better organization and thinking outside the box, they can organize a show without necessarily depending on corprates.

“Shin City is not an ego thing or a cash grab or anything like that. It is a chance to present yourself the way you feel your brand needs to be presented,” he said.


“I feel like something like this is a chance to break the ceiling and change the mindset of how to conduct business. You invest in yourself and music.

“It’s a dream come true and it is the biggest project I have ever done in my music career. It’s a big deal, it’s important for us to feel we can do it by ourselves. It’s time for artists to take control of their art.”

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