Nviiri the Storyteller Releases Inside Out Studio Album at Exclusive Launch Party

NAIROBI – Friday 9th June 2023: Critically-acclaimed Kenyan Singer/Songwriter Nviiri the Storyteller launched his latest project, Inside Out at an exclusive pre-launch listening party.

The artiste, who, alongside Bensoul, is a main brand ambassador for popular Kenyan spirits brand Chrome, hosted an invite-only event at the SoundCity Radio Studios in Nairobi. The event, which was sponsored by the aforementioned Chrome brand, was attended by big names in the Kenyan music and entertainment space, such as Gin Ideal, Ndovu Kuu, Azziad Nasenya, just to name a few. Also in attendance were entertainment journalists and content creators such as Brian Mutinda, Manasseh K. Nyagah and Brian Kimanzi. The launch coincided with the relaunch of the green Chrome Gin bottle, following the conclusion of the Limited Edition Pack, which was in production from December to April 2023.

Said Nviiri the Storyteller during the album launch: “I am really excited for everyone to experience this body of work that is Inside Out. It is a 15-track album, so there is a lot of substance for my fans to enjoy. I am also grateful to Chrome Gin and the brand for the support that they have given me, not just today, by putting together this launch event, but also in the past, by being an outlet where we can collaborate and push the boundaries of creativity, which can be seen in the Party music video, which I released in collaboration with the brand two weeks ago.”

Inside Out is a showcase of Nviiri’s remarkable growth as an artist and takes listeners on an immersive journey through three captivating phases: Bwana Sherehe, Love & Heartbreak, and Consciousness. He lives up to his the Storyteller moniker by seamlessly transitioning between these distinct phases, each representing a crucial aspect of his personal and artistic development. The album resonates with listeners from all walks of life, inviting them to delve into Nviiri’s world and experience the full spectrum of human emotions.

In the first phase, Bwana Sherehe, Nviiri delves deep into the thrilling and exuberant party lifestyle that artists often lead. With infectious beats and lively melodies, this segment of the album is bound to get audiences moving to its irresistible rhythms.

Transitioning seamlessly into the Love & Heartbreak phase, Nviiri lays bare his soul and opens up about the complexities of love and the roller-coaster of emotions that come with it. Through his heartfelt lyrics and soul-stirring melodies, he captures the highs and lows of romantic relationships, offering solace and understanding to those who have experienced similar trials and tribulations.

The final phase, Consciousness, is a testament to Nviiri’s personal growth, learnings, and spiritual journey as an artist. Here, he delves into his evolution and self-discovery, creating an introspective sonic landscape that encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences. Nviiri’s thought-provoking lyrics and evocative compositions create an immersive atmosphere that resonates with a wide range of listeners.

Inside Out is available on all streaming platforms. 

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