Mbosso Cancels US Tour Following Health Issues

Singer Mbosso has been forced to cancel his upcoming US tour due to health problems.

The Wasafi Records signee was to tour the US end of November to mid-December but doctors advised him against it saying it will be dangerous for him to sit more than an hour in a plane.


“The doctor recommended that I should not travel or sit in a plane for more than eight hours,” he announced.

“I apologise to all my fans, promoters and anybody who was waiting to see me at this time.”

Mbosso promised a rescheduling and that the new dates will be announced soon.

It’s the second the singer has been forced to share about his health condition following his recent revelations mid-this year that he has been struggling with heart problems.

“I have been told my problems are due to my blood vessels being blocked by fat. I have had this condition since I was born,” he said.

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Mbosso explained that there are times when the condition causes numbness in his body until he loses consciousness. The disease has been present in his family.

“I have been pressured to keep exercising. There are also professionals I have contacted. I have to travel to meet them,” he said.

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  1. Shaban Mussa Reply

    For me mbosso is my favourite artist world wide and my 4n is full of his songs wish u gud recover

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