Lil Maina Quits Music After Achieving His Goal: ‘My Song Is number 1’

Gengetone singer Lil Maina has officially retired from the music industry after his chart-topping banger “Kishash”, released barely two months ago.

Lil Maina

The young singer surprised his fans following the announcement, insisting his aim was to make a hit that will top all Kenyan charts then quit.

Kishash, which features rapper Ndovu Kuu, is currently one of the biggest tunes in East Africa and is even on heavy rotation on Soundcity Kenya.

Maina further said that he doesn’t plan to make a come back anytime soon but didn’t share whether he’ll continue making short, funny skits.

“I had promised myself that I’ll quit music the moment I make a hit. A good hit,” he said.

“Now that I have made one, I love my fans but I have to drop out.”

Lil Maina has been in the industry for just a year and his announcement has left many with questions more than answers given how talented he is.

In May 2021, while still a student, he went viral following a video of him dancing to Major Lazer’s song “Watchout For This” in front of his unbothered grandma.

Reacting to the viral video, Major Lazor said that Lil Maina was a star in the making.

“A champion. A rising star. Keep going and growing king,” wrote the group.

Lil Maina’s other song “Stretchmarks Kwa Haga” was a spin-off of American rappers Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti’s trap anthem “Get Dripped”.

He has also released songs featuring upcoming artist Kahush as well as rapper Wizzo Tano Nane famed for the Kwani Ni Kesho street lingo.

Watch Kishash below

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