Following Up On His Debut EP That Dropped Two Years Ago, TMP Offisial Premieres His Debut Album – Astro Vibes 2

The 13-track album, according to him, “Each song on this album is a page from the diary of my past, serving each song as an inlet to his journey’.

Guest features include Bella Shmurda, Hypeman Luckey, Tobless, Rexxie, and others. This bold statement of an album steps up TMP’s game in terms of quality, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.

With diverse collaborations and a reflective approach to storytelling through his music, TMP has solidified his place in the industry and leaves listeners eager to delve deeper into the pages of his artistic journey.


Idris Omotoso

The Guy That Does it ALL.

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  1. trippybug Reply

    It’s like you invited me to join the musical journey TMP Offisial is embarking on. Your passion for the artist’s work was contagious, and now I’m eagerly hitting play on this album. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the latest musical adventures.

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