Exuberance Contained In Early Discovery – Shon Bills To Be The Most Sought After Teenage Singer

Shon Bills

It is tenable to be young and not figured out which way to go about life yet. That is just about what growing up entails in a world that flickers many indecisive paths to thread before you. Given certain ages and bare experiences, you are allowed to toddle, stagger, fall off and take for as long as possible to get back on. It becomes rare if one out of a gazillion youngins strides over this justification, defines his path pretty early and goes for the gold.

Shaun N Elvis aka Shon Bills is that boy in the springtime of life who has found a path and chosen to pursue beyond any stump. Yes, a junior secondary school candidate but a proven voice housed in a growing body. He acknowledges his father as his major muse for curating fantastic playlists on his watch. Shaun is also influenced by the reigning and new school kings of music in Africa.

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Shon Bills

There wasn’t need to seek permission as he debuted in 2018 before he clocked the age of 10 with a seasoned track, “I Can Be.” Further down the line, 13 years old Shon Bills is ready with another work of art titled ‘Magic.’  His moves going forward would be in full awareness of becoming the most sought-after teenage singer in Nigeria.  


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