Doja Cat’s New Music Is Different Than The ‘Palatable, Marketable, And Sellable’ Stuff She Was Doing Before.

Doja Cat became a household name thanks to pop-leaning hits like “Say So,” but that’s not the space the rapper/singer wants to be in anymore. In a new interview with interview with V MAGAZINE, Doja spoke about the “palatable, marketable, and sellable” music she’s made, and how she’s excited to be doing something different now.

DOJA SAID: “I have thrown fits my whole career because I have been making music that didn’t allow me to have a mental release. I have been making music that is palatable, marketable, and sellable, that has allowed me to be where I am. Now I am making music that allows me to express the way I feel about the world around me. […] These upcoming projects are going to be very different compared to everything I have done and I am excited about that. I do not care if people are not.”

She also noted, “I do not consider myself a rock star. I have made pop music. I’m currently making rap, soul, and R&B music with jazz elements. But this is a representation of how I feel. When I wear black, when I wear metal, or very scantily clad outfits… it’s all a representation of how angry, liberated, and sexual I am.”

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