DJ Khaled Talks Uniting JAY-Z & Nas On “Sorry Not Sorry”

DJ Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry” has easily emerged as the most beloved song from his recent Khaled Khaled album, largely in part due to JAY-Z and Nas joining forces. A rare feat that has only happened a few times prior, it never fails to capture attention whenever the former rivals link up on wax.

Now, DJ Khaled sat down with People to explain how he managed to put the song together, describing the experience as a “dream come true.” He also notes that the process took years, as he ultimately lacked the courage to ask his pals to come together. Hard to believe, given Khaled’s larger-than-life personality, but such is the way he breaks it down.

“One day we were having dinner at Tao in L.A. and it was Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé, Nas, JAY-Z, Puff Daddy and more people were there,” explains Khaled. “JAY-Z and Nas are my brothers, but that day, I saw them together just having the best conversations and it was all laughing, enjoying good energy and good vibes. So I’ve always been wanting to make this record. So I’d seen that and I said, ‘Man, I can pull this off.’”

“It took me I would say maybe four to five years to get the courage to ask,” he continues. “But I knew that day that it was possible because I felt the love. I asked both of them about working on this album. And they were like, ‘Let’s do it.’ The song is motivational and inspirational. That’s what I love about it the most because it’s 2021 and these are two of our biggest MCs ever to do it. They’re talking about motivation, inspiration, and where they’re at in their life.”

“I want people to hear that as a historic collaboration,” he continues. “It’s also inspiring to say, man, our leaders, they came from nothing and look where they are now. I think that was just beautiful. Not only to get them on the record but just the lyrics.”

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