Diamond Platnumz responds to claims of Harmonize being new Bongo king

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has spoken out on word gathering steam in the streets that his junior Harmonize is the new king of Bongo Flava.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Platnumz reiterated that he remains king and that his pride is in seeing his WCB mates prosper with shows in and out of Tanzania.

Adding that it is not the first time he is being compared to rising stars, the Inama hitmaker noted that any attempts to compare him with Harmonize or other singers in his stable was an exercise in futility since they are all his progeny.

He, however, admitted that even though buzz surrounding his WCB mates has dwindled, competition in the label was bringing out the best in his crew.

“Sisi kama WCB tushakuwa wakubwa sana. Especially mimi sasa kila mtu anajaribu kunishikanisha na kila mtu. Mimi nimeshikanishwa na watu wote katika mziki. Tangia zamani kila mwanamziki akija anashikanishwa na mimi. Wameshindwa sasa inabidi watushikanishe wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Wananishikanisha na watoto wangu,” said Platnumz.

Speaking on working with WCB a year ago, Harmonize revealed that the pressure to be at the top is real considering the roster the label pulls.

“Ugumu ni pale ambapo unafanya kazi na wasanii wote ambao ni talented, so way competition katika kurekodi ngoma kila mtu anataka kutoa ngoma yake kali kumshinda mwenzake, so ugumu unaanzia hapo,” said Harmonize.

Harmonize was the first singer to be signed under the WCB management.

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