Artiste Spotlight: Lous And The Yakuza

Lous And The Yakuza is a Congolese-Belgian multi-talented, multimedia artist. Born Marie-Pierra Kakoma, Lous And The Yakuza went through a lot to become the artist that she is today; an artist, singer, model, songwriter and rapper.

Marie was born to prominent doctors in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1996. Her father was Congolese and a gynaecologist while her mother was Rwandan and a paediatrician.

During the Second Congo war in 1998, her mother was imprisoned for a little over two months because of her Rwandan ethnicity and fled the country with Marie’s sibling upin her release. Marie’s family sought refuge in Belgium and has been living there since. 

Lous has had an interest in music from a very young age due to her father’s love for classical music. She has been writing her own songs since she was seven and after moving to Brussels in 2011 began to write to big record labels like Columbia Records hoping to get signed.

Her passion for music led to her passing through many trials as her family disinherited her for wanting to be a singer instead of a doctor at the young age of 18. By 19, Lous was homeless on the streets of Belgium doing odd service jobs to keep herself and sleeping in a music studio.

Over the course of three years she recorded over 52 songs and made seven EPs and thankfully, things began to look up for the young talent.

During this time she was performing at underground clubs and dives until she got discovered by her manager, Miguel Fernandez.

Lous then went on to release her debut single, ”Dilemme”. The track was a viral hit and gained over 8 million views on Youtube alone. Her second single, ”Tout es gore” gained viral acclaim again when American Celebrity, Issa Rae shared the song on social media cementing Lous And The Yakuza as a hit maker.

Lous And The Yakuza’s Sound has been described as a silky blend of pop, trap, soul and blues. 

Listen to a track here:

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