AKA set to protest against Dj Mampintsha’s ‘filth’

AKA finally voiced out days after the Babes Wodumo’s abuse video has gone viral.

The rapper stated in series of tweets that social media peeps should stop acting as judges via their comments and tweets but stand up to be Activists. He further stated what he meant by Activist: “In the same breath … if y’all really wanted to do something … ORGANIZE … everyone and anyone can pick up their phone, put it down and go on with their day. ACTIVIST … means you must be ACTIVE.”

“If y’all so outraged why don’t you get up off your asses, go March to radio stations, go to musica’s … go to RISA and demand they take this animal’s music off the playlist, off the shelves, off the TV … but no … you want to tweet and sound woke and shit.”

In the same vein, the Super Mega has said he’s going to mobilize other celebs to help in protesting.

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