21 Savage & Chris Rock Talk About How They Came Together For “Saw” Series

Horror film fans have well received the latest development  in the Saw series, Spiral: From The Book of Saw, and it’s all thanks to a change of pace from Chris Rock. The talented actor thought it was important to bring just a hint of comedy to the bloody, longrunning series, and he also brought Rap along with him. 21 Savage released his Spiral EP in connection with the film, and Rock recently sat in an interview to discuss how that collaboration came to be.

“Sometimes you got to put some music to it to let people know it exists. You know what I mean?” said Rock. “Just to let people know it’s out there. And [21 Savage] was willing to do it. He’s a big fan of ‘Saw.’ He’s a big fan of horror. So we’re like, okay, really? I run everything by my daughters. So I run it by my daughters, my daughters are like, ‘Yo, you got to do it. You got to work with 21 Savage.’ So here we are.”

21 Savage told his side of the story.  “My dude Mike I think. He did the first song. I think he went to the owners of ‘Saw’ and his son is a big fan of me,” said the rapper. “So his son was like, ‘Sh*t. Savage into that type of sh*t.’ Then they made the call and then we met. Then he played the movie. He didn’t tell me who was in the movie. And then he played it and I’m like, ‘Oh hell yeah. You all got Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson here? Yeah, I’m ready to do this. Come on. Let’s do it now.’ I went straight to the studio the same day that we met.”

Fans also received word that 21 is gearing up for another big release this year. “That’s what I’m planning on. That’s what I’m planning on,” he confirmed. “But I like quality work. So, however long that take, it’ll take, but I’m dropping something, for sure.”

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