1da Banton Unveils Visuals For Love-Centric Track FAMILY Off The 1da Shall Never End EP

Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter, 1da Banton, returns to captivate audiences with his latest offering, the highly anticipated music video for his love-centric tune, ‘Family.’ The heartfelt composition originates from his critically acclaimed and praised six-track EP, aptly titled ‘1da Shall Never End,’ where it takes its place as the resolute third track, embodying the essence of genuine affection and unwavering loyalty. Watch the video here.

Through an enchanting lyrical narrative, 1da Banton eloquently expresses the unshakable devotion he holds for his ardent romantic interest, describing how she remains by his side through both serene and challenging times. The fervent admiration and unwavering loyalty he proclaims serve as a testament to the profound bond they share.

The visual masterpiece accompanying the melodic composition showcases 1da Banton’s impeccable craftsmanship. Filmed amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Europe, the video was skillfully directed by the visionary Adasa Cookey, renowned for creating captivating visuals that amplify the essence of the songs. The music video for ‘Family’ serves as a flawless conduit to enhance the song’s central message, forging an indelible connection with its viewers.

Over the years, 1da Banton has undoubtedly risen as an unstoppable force, garnering admiration and acclaim across Africa and Europe’s musical landscape. His repertoire boasts resounding hits such as ‘No Wahala,’ ‘Ego,’ and ‘African Woman,’ testifying to his multifaceted talents as a singer, songwriter, and record producer. With his auspicious beginning in the boundless skies, 1da Banton’s ascendance seems destined for greatness, poised to carve an enduring legacy within contemporary music.

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