Viewers Instant Playlist


Want to make a request on Soundcity Africa. With #SoundcityVIP, you don’t only get to make a song request but an entire playlist that consist of over eight songs on a daily basis.

It is pretty easy!
Make your list of eight songs and then share with us via the form below.
Then go on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (make use of the image here) and share ‘I have submitted my #SoundcityVIP playlist. Be on the look out and submit yours here:’ update.

The SoundcityVIP form:

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or share your list on any of our social media accounts:
make sure to include the hashtag – #SoundcityVIP.

Be rest assured, every update would be considered. The doper your playlist, the higher the chances of having your playlist aired playlist at 4:00pm (WAT) every day.