Rae Kiragu

My name is Rachael Kiragu but a lot of my friends call me Rae.

I am a radio show! Obviously!

When I was younger, I schooled at Kianda where I attended both primary and high school.

Like most Catholic schools, getting good grades was of utmost importance so, get them I did! I later got into USIU (United States International University Africa) where I embarked on a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration with a Marketing concentration.

As luck would have it, along with a few friends of mine, I spent most of my sophomore year at the school’s radio station as part of my extracurricular, not knowing that it would soon become my stepping stone to my current career.

I spent a good portion of my earlier days in media writing for the entertainment website and it was that writing, that went on to inspire the creation of this very blog.

After losing my father to a heart attack a few years into my job, I found the need to fill up most of my time with constructive things which for me, wound up being my writing and reading.

Yeah, I love me a good novel! Especially if it’s the romance kind where I fall just as in love with ‘prince charming’ as the rest of the characters in the book.

As for writing, writing became a kind of therapy for me.

I’m sure every blogger and writer will tell you that each article is normally written and re-written a couple of times before publishing.

For me, it’s like each time I write, I find new ways to fully express myself. Each time I write, I find my voice and in a world where a lot is being said about, well, everything, I feel it’s important for all of us to find our voices.

As I have been so lucky as to have a cool job, expect some of these experiences to include celebrity interviews, conversations with people, my take on current events, and music exclusives that I really hope inspire you!

Rae Kiragu!

Catch her on Instagram – @iamthe_rae