Osato “EDK” Edokpayi

An incurable media junkie, Osato “EDK” Edokpayi is living a story. The type that starts with a cheer and ends with a BANG!

From getting into radio in 2012 in his hometown of Benin City to moving across the country to Lagos and Abuja, EDK lives for adventure.

He’s currently living his dreams of delivering a great radio experience on Soundcity Radio 96.3, Abuja where he kick starts your weekday on #WhatsUpAbuja with the best in afropop and info on the go.

On Sundays at midday, he counts down the biggest songs in the country on the #Top20Nigeria chart show across the Soundcity Radio Network (in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Kano)

He has been recognized for his work over the years including the award for Outstanding Drivetime Radio Presenter at the National Broadcast Merit Awards in 2014 and more recently in 2019, he was nominated in the OAP (Visual/Audio) Category at The Future Awards Africa.

His coolest gig – by far – is helping raise a tribe of the best new media talents through mentorship and trainings.

Find him on Instagram – @satoEDK