Soundcity OAP, Miriam Chioma Alete with the radio name Mimi is a Nigerian radio personality, Producer, V/o Artist, Tv host, Influencer, and Podcaster.

Known for hosting the breakfast show “What’s Up PH” on Soundcity Radio PortHarcourt, Nigeria.

From 6am-10am weekdays.

Born on August 13 in Rivers State, PortHarcourt Nigeria.

Graduated with a B.Ed in Educational Technology and a Diploma in Personnel MGT from the University of Calabar.


•I love good music

•I love horror movies a lot

•I think I’d make a good actress ( I don’t know why I haven’t been featured in a movie yet!)

•I love doing karaoke ( I sha can sing lol)

•I don’t have a fav food or colour

• I’m not a snub!! Even tho I look like one

• One song that best describes me right now is “Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar ft Rihanna” (I’m all for loyalty fam)

•My celebrity crush is Burna Boy

•I’m a die-hard Rihanna fan

•3 words that describe me: •Intelligent, Stylish, flirty.