Jeremy Wahome

Born and raised in Mombasa… at a very early he got interested in golf and music, He plays the guitar, recorder, and loves to sing.

He is God-fearing and always from childhood has always attended church service.

He has a strong passion for creating films and a knack for creating commercials and documentaries.

He hates waking up early but will sacrifice watching F1 and football on whatever day or night.

Jeremy studied media and communications in Leeds, UK, and further studied film and production in South Africa.

“East or West, Home is best”…. As Jeremy’s mantra, he believes in always investing back home, hence why he didn’t opt to stay abroad after his studies.

Jeremy is an ardent golfer and is happy to take up a challenge with anyone who got skills on the course.

Humble, and witty but can have surprising moments of engaging conversations about anything and everything

Catch him on Instagram – @jeremy.wahome