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Immediately after University, I worked behind the scenes on many film and TV projects. In 2015, I was out of a job for a while and by the time that happened but then I went on to work as the Business Development Manager for Swipe, a tech start-up company. Even while working as a BDM, I never stopped loving radio so I ended up sending an audition tape to a number of radio stations when I heard that they were looking for a new co-host on the Guinness table of men show. The audition ended up turning into a competition which I eventually won, so there I was working a full-time 9-5, then going on the radio from 8 pm.

Getting on Soundcity radio was more a case of my passion finding me.

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In 2016, my friends had heard of the audition and asked me to go but it was on a weekday, I refused to steal out of my work time for it so I missed the first day of the audition. Coincidentally, I had to go drop off some business documents at Soundcity that night, after I did that and was about to head over to my second job, I met a few people right in front of the Soundcity building, we engaged in light conversation and they invited me to come audition during my lunch break the next day. I went through stages of auditions and here I am today working as a full-time Radio Presenter.

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