Nicki Minaj Trolls Fans with New Album ‘Pick My Fruit Out’

Oct 10, 2016 |

It wasn’t April 1, but Nicki Minaj may have fooled her Barbz on Saturday (Oct. 8) when she “revealed” her new album title and tracklisting. With a series of tweets, she rolled out—or rather trolled out—the project.

It began with an album title and release date.

“Ok u know what I wasn’t gonna say anything but damn ya got it out of me,” she tweeted. “The album drops at midnight. it’s called #PickMyFruitOut.”

Wishful thinkers wanted to believe it was actually her fourth album announcement, but was it really? Nicki played along, unveiling the tracklisting and noting that “all the songs r named after fruit breh.”

Sure enough, the cuts on her tracklisting included the opener “Mango,” and joints like “Grapes” and “Kiwi.” There was even a “Bananas (Harambe Interlude)” and a song titled “Fruit Loops.”

Nicki got so detailed with it, she even announced her favorite song of the bunch. “The one I’m most excited about, however, is track #10,” she said. “It’s called ‘Ni**a toss my fruit salad’ and it features my favorite rapper of all time.”

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